We started PROBLK HEALTH as part of our passion as a couple to support and give back to the Black Community. Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel (Howard University College of Medicine Graduate) being a doctor, knows first-hand the significant health disparities within the Black Community.  Darian McDaniel (Morehouse Graduate) being a veteran c-level marketing executive understands the importance of targeted strategies to grow and cultivate health-conscious messaging in our community. We took these skill sets and started a movement promoting health and healing in the Black Community. Our primary focus is promoting the healthy condition of our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships.

We have had some success in spreading the word and fostering education, but desire to make a bigger impact.  The more we spoke with non-profits and leaders that serve the Black Community, we found that a deficiency of financial resources is the biggest obstacle. So, we started to brainstorm… in this brainstorm we recalled a company that started on Shark Tank and grew exponentially. It sells products for people to use at the beach, but what makes their products so special is a percentage of their profits go to cleaning up the ocean to help preserve marine life. They and their customers are passionate about saving the sea habitat and the creatures that are affected by it. From this passion they are really making a difference. The light bulbs in our heads went off with the thought, “if they could do it for marine life,  why can't we do it for Black-Life?”

Out of this the next phase of PROBLK HEALTH was born.  We decided to come up with products that not only literally support the health of the people that buy them, but also supports their community. We did some research and discovered that up to 92 % of Black people have vitamin deficiencies. “Eureka” there it was! Let's start a Black Doctor Owned Vitamin Company that also gives back to Black Communities.  

GET TO KNOW DR. KARLEENA https://www.problkhealth.com/pages/meet-dr-karleena